Light painting

Projecting light paintings adds a distincitve decorative element to any event – it helps convey unique atmosphere, creates special moods, makes any scenery intimate and memorable.

Our projections create unique spaces that provide complex visual experience for everybody. We make an effort for our light paintings to adjust to the environment and the style of the event. Through our projections, spaces show their new face, with brightness and colours applied adequately, they put on a new dress, and visitors may step into the singular world of lights. We use handpainted stills and motion pictures as well as digital materials. Through the versatile nature of light paintings really diverse compositions can be developed, which heighten the atmosphere of any event.

Animation and video production

Beside light painting of still images, we prepare and project 3D video animations, digital graphic materials, video inserts and short films.

Beside light painting of still images, we prepare 3D video animations, digital graphic materials, video inserts and short films, and we project these items on any surface and in any size. We create animations for online publications. In 2014 we invested into state-of-the-art projection technology and also expanded our team to include a media design artist and a 3D programmer. Our staff can provide several opportunities in these areas, such as graphic design, or shooting short films.

Wall painting

Whereas lightpainting remains our main profile, we also do interior decoration, and create outdoor mural works.

Whereas lightpainting remains our main profile, we also do any kind of interior decoration. We help reinvent the complete interior of a new club, or refurbish an average looking office space. For any location and setting whatsoever, our team of artists will offer visual content appropriate in style and atmosphere. It is vital for us to come up unique and original ideas with each and every new contract – we do this to make our clients’ everyday lives ever more colorful. Beside interior painting, we also create outdoor mural works. Our aim with this is to put art out there into the streets and city squares, and thus transform people’s thoughts. From grey city blocks in neglected neighborhoods to centrally located areas with big pedestrian traffic, we are happy to turn our urban environments into something else with colorful, contemporary, functional artworks. We do not vandalize community property like graffitti – we convey real artistic value with our paintings, which might be either photorealistic or totally abstract.

interior design

As light painting is our main interest, we tend to think in a spatial manner, so we are happy to contract for the complex installing and furnishing of spaces. These jobs vary from a 3D decorational object to building a full stand at a fair or exhibition. We are ready to build and / or project any installation. Also, we contract for designing unique items, objects or pieces of furniture made of any material.

Art management

Through our experience and connections, we are ready to go through with the full implementation of our projects. Grant applications, artistic layouts, you name it, and we find the right specialists to create them. In these jobs, we help our clients with consultancy and mediation with the subcontractors.